This Is How Long It Takes To Make Money Online

Valued Reader, Unfortunately, this technique does get exploited but the promises aren’t all without merit. The key is to find what works for you, and in order to do that you will test more systems, techniques and programs than you may be able to remember.When a certain system, program or method claims to be making a certain amount of money within a certain time period. That may be the result that the creator of the particular product have achieved, and should not be accepted as the inevitable. Focus on the method or tactic, not the result because your primary objective should be learning and not earning.How Long Will It take to make Money Online? – As Long As it takes for you to gather sufficient knowledge to be able to do so. And No, you will not make real income replacement kind of money the next day or week or even month. Especially not as an Affiliate Marketer.Why Is It Not Possible? – Let’s just assume you are an absolute Guru, and you start generating sales within the first week after getting started. (If you do, please let me know how you did it, I would Love to Know) Your commissions will not be released to you until the refund guarantee of usually 60 days had expired.It is extremely important that you promote products with a money back guarantee as an affiliate marketer. This guarantee is what professionals call a “Back Door”, and it provides your customer with a sense of security in knowing their investment is safe.How Do You Generate Sales? – In a nutshell, it’s all about getting a product in demand in front of an interested audience at the right time. Three things, product, audience and timing which is of utmost importance. Now with an affiliate site like Click bank, the products you promote need to be selected by means of gravity.The Higher the gravity, the fiercer the competition will be where you compete with hundreds of thousands of other experienced affiliate marketers. A low Gravity means the product is not really that much in demand, and not many people have heard of the particular product.Getting converting visitors to an affiliate offer require a lot of work because that will be the result of your own Blogs, Websites and Email Lists. All the super successful affiliate marketers have their own sites, lists, groups and communities. They have their own products, articles and eBooks which took them years of research to create.It really is That Much Work to actually make money online, the kind of income that can sustain your lifestyle that is. Let’s just assume you’d like to make around $150 per day, and the product you are promoting offers you a 75% commission and will cost the buyer $47.That will amount to a commission of $36.75 paid to the affiliate promoting the product, and to generate $150 you will then need around 4 sales per day. Now 4 sales per day may sound small, but consider the following.A realistic expectation to those 4 sales will be a few thousand visitors, because for every 100 visitors to your Blog (For Instance) you may have ONE interested visitor actually clicking on your offer. But this is also when your visitors are keyword and Geo targeted.Now for every 100 of those 1/100 interested visitors that shows on your Hop Count, it is safe to expect ONE Sale from each 100 visitors. Effectively that result to a single sale for every 10,000 visitors. Some successful affiliate marketers do a Lot better than that, but this is just a guideline of what to realistically expect as a complete newbie.For the required 4 sales to reach your daily target of $150, you may need as much as 40,000 targeted Visitors. And by now you may have that bad taste of desperation, but it doesn’t change the facts. And I will not promise you instant riches and can assure you it will not be easy, it will however be worth it. Making money online is a journey, not a contest where winners never quit and quitters never win.Many newbies start off extremely over enthusiastic, and a few days later when the dream appear to be crashing they lose hope in desperation. Remember, there are only a tiny 3% success rate in this competitive industry called affiliate marketing.It will take as long as is needed for you to actually make money online, which is why you have to decide exactly what you want to do but more importantly, what you enjoy doing the most. When you reach the point where you really enjoy what you do as an affiliate marketer, that’s the point where sales matter less and research more.Focus on testing only ONE method, product, tactic or system at a time. Don’t try and learn everything in one day, you will get lost in an unforgiving ocean of information and most probably drown. Set realistic goals and accept the fact that you will have to face failure on several occasions, overcome that failure and keep going.Another common mistake, is to rush in an attempt to make money faster. This is not a race, and there is no final destination. This will just force you to retrace your steps and start over because all great achievements have one thing in common… TIME!Unlock your potential by unleashing your passion, which is the only way I know to speed up the process of actually making money online. Find what works for you, and build on your own research so you can provide your own unique content.Getting recognized as a professional is extremely important to your online success, and that can only be made possible through time.Wishing You Prosperity,

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